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“These highly organized and wonderful women save me money and time that will last well into the future.  To say I could not have achieved my two moves, and organized my entire home without them would be an understatement.  These truly are my Girlfriends!”

Kuth/Raneiri Architects,  San Raphael CA   


“Dear Elissa & Jody – You have changed my life! I am so grateful for all of your organization and systems; making order out of chaos.  I am definitely addicted to you two. I am sure that I have many projects. In fact, I would like to book you to tackle the ultimate project — the photo albums!  If not now, when, right? You are the best...I cannot say enough good things about your work.”

Laura, VP for non-profit & Mom SF CA


I seriously have no idea what I would do without Elissa and Jody. I've been working with them for about 3 years. I call them every time I'm feeling so overwhelmed that I can hardly breathe, and they have me breathing easy in no time! They've sorted kids' clothes, organized my desk, cleaned out my pantry, organized my photos - the list goes on and on. They do the things you've been meaning to get to forever, but deep down you know you never will, no matter how much you may want to. The biggest (and best) job they've done was to move us. Twice. Packed and unpacked. They rock!  Rose-Ellen, Lawyer SF CA


"At first I thought the business name, Girlfriends Help, was kind of corny, but after just a day of working together, I think they can easily add to their name " More Than Anyone Else in the Universe!". Not only did they develop a system to completely dismantle, pack, restore, ship and store the contents of a massive estate in record time, they managed to calm a whole family full of folks who were assured by the professionalism and attention to detail that they displayed in everything they do. We can't review them highly enough. They provide a life-altering experience just when you need it most.  


“I've had the great fortune of knowing Jody and Elissa for more than a couple of years now, and they have done a fabulous job helping me on a number of projects, including setting up filing systems for my business and personal papers in my home office, organizing my kitchen, and packing and unpacking me and my family before and after a move, among other things. They are the best! They are always thinking of how to better utilize space and find more efficient ways of getting things done than I could ever think of!” 

Michelle, Author & Mom of four  SF  CA

"Thanks for making my cocktail party such a huge success. You picked the right food and enough to go around. The sandwiches were brilliant! The house looked great, the food perfectly placed, and the flow was excellent.  Can't thank you enough.  Girlfriends are the best!"

Juliette,  Editor  SF CA



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