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Rooms: Kitchens, Closets, Linens, Drawers, Pantries, Teen rooms

Offices: Desks, Files, Paper management

Kids: Toys, Art, Clothes, School papers

Photos: Sort & Store 

Storage Areas: Garages, Attics, 

Art: Studios, Supplies

Holiday: Wrapping and Decorations,

Emergency: Binders, Earthquake Kits, 



Moving out:   

Organize, Purge, Pack, Label, Classify and prepare the move.Call and arrange for resources i.e.: Moving/storage     company, Shredding service, Donation options, Garbage pick-up and Cleaning services. Coordinate and manage activities on moving day.

Moving in:

Unpack boxes, Organize kitchen, closets, bedrooms and storage

areas.  We create a comfortable organized home that’s ready for everyday living.




Shopping: Returns, Errands, Donation Drop offs, Purge, Sort,

De-clutter: and put away

Parties: Invitations, Announcements, Order food

Holiday: Mailing and Decorating

Travel: Arrangements, Research, Booking flights and rentals. 


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